Make the Smart Radiator Valves quieter



  • Ansiktet
    edited September 2022


    How did things go with this discussion with the developers?

  • nicholsr

    @Rob I am also interested to get an update on this. I love my tado system but I cannot put valves in my bedrooms due to noise. Have you thought about surveying users to ask them how many more TRVs they would purchase if there was a quiet mode. In my case 5 more. You might find the business case very positive for a small development cost.

  • ukmrh

    (Bump) - also keen to hear the feedback from the developers on this please @Rob

  • johnnyp78
    I think you’re being very optimistic in expecting an outcome just three months later, given Tado’s glacial development pace on everything else.
  • doug_kent
    Has anyone tried what David suggested and fitted U pieces between bracket and radiator, in my case it's definitely radiator amplifying the noise of TRV. I don't want to go through hassle of taking rad off if doesn't resolve noise issue significantly.
  • I would absolutely pay extra for a premium radiator valve which I could set to run quieter.

    In the meantime I'm going to try out some of the suggestions in this thread and report back.

  • Jamie68
    I may be missing something here, couldn't you just leave wax based TRVs in the bedrooms, and have the boiler switch on using timer in IFTTT or something?
  • AdzLill
    AdzLill ✭✭✭
    My TRVs are definitely loud, and I have plastic pipe through my house so it’s certainly not ‘amplified’ any more than is fundamentally unavoidable.

    I would certainly rather have my valves step change much slower if it means they would be quieter, slower the better