Controlling zone valve with smart thermostat (wiring question)

I have an extension kit connected to the boiler, Tado trvs on all radiators and one tado thermostat. They can all call for heat independently.

Now, I have a 5 wire zone valve that I want the thermostat to control. But I have no idea how to wire it?

Am I correct in thinking the thermostat can call for heat wirelessly and also be wired to signal the valve to open?


  • _Marie
    _Marie | Moderator

    Hello @andyrgardner,

    Please contact our technical support via the chat on our website by giving as much precision as possible so that they can correctly help you with your configuration. 

    Best regards,

    Your tado° Team

  • Okay as I've now spoke to technical support and they don't know how it can be done... the question is back open!

    Technical support advised me to connect NO to Grey and COM to Orange.

    I've done that and connected blue and brown directly to the mains. The valve is normally closed, as soon as power is applied the valve opens and stays open.

  • Did you ever manage to resolve this? I have a similar inquiry.