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2 zones, Upstairs zone heating staying on all the time


I have two zones, downstairs and upstairs. Each zone has within it, several smart radiator thermostats. The upstairs zone reads at a low temp but all the radiators are on full and the smart radiator thermostats read the temp on the main smart thermostat (16 degrees) when they are obviously not. I presumed the main thermostat will only call for heat when the thermostat is set to a temp (e.g. 21 degrees).

This is driving me crazy, can you someone have a look and shed some light on this please.


  • _Marie_Marie | Moderator

    Hello @damianco,

    It is possible for each Smart Radiator Thermostat to be able to request heat from the boiler, or set your account so that only the Smart Thermostat can make a request, regardless of the temperature in the rooms where the Smart Radiator Thermostats are located. If you wish to change this setting, please contact our technical support via the chat we have on our website so that they can reconfigure your account. 

    Best regards,


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