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If I replace the controller can I keep manual thermostat ?

My first Tado thermostat is working fine.

I'm thinking about replacing the controller with the Tado extension kit so I can operate the hot water but I still have one other original manual thermostat. Will that old thermostat still work once the controller has been replaced by Tado?

thanks in advance



  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @sundialSoft Hello Ian. Could you please expand your query to show which type of tado device you are querying. e.g. thermostat can be smart wall thermostat or can be TRV i.e. attached to radiator.

  • Hello samd,

    I am not querying a Tado thermostat. I have one fully working Tado thermostat and that's fine. My query is with the other manual thermostat.

    If I install the Tado extension kit which replaces the programmer I wanted to know if the other manual thermostat which is still working in the system would continue working with the extension kit in place of the programmer.

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