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Can I replace my wired thermostat with a wireless thermostat (with the extension kit)

I have an ancient Honeywell 4200 thermostat and the wiring was never chased into the wall. With Tado and the extension kit do I need to keep the wiring and wire in the smart thermostat or can I use the smart thermostat in wireless mode as a replacement for the wired thermostat?

Thanks 😀


  • You can defintely use the wireless room thermostat. And then enjoy ripping out your old wired one!

  • Yes, you can do that but be aware that the wiring will still need to be connected to allow the extension kit to control the zone valve.

    On my system, the wired thermostat was in the hall and connected to a zone valve. It was powered when CH was turned on by the programmer.

    By using the Tado thermostat and extension kit, the thermostat's contacts are always closed and the switching is done by the extension kit when the smart thermostat or radiator valves call for heat. This will uses the existing wiring to the zone valve via the smart thermostat
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