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Multiple thermostats needed?


I've purchased various components in order to set up my house using your system. I have several (10+) Smart Radiator Thermostats, a Smart Thermostat, an Extension Kit, and an Internet Bridge.

One room in the house is a separate dwelling. Someone lives in there who does not have access to the rest of the house. We do, however, share the same hot-water system and heating system.

Is it possible for that room to have its own control over the boiler (when its Smart Radiator Thermostat requires it), but also for that room to have control over its own timing programming. Perhaps this room could have its own Smart Thermostat in addition to the Smart Radiator Thermostat it will already have. (I do not mind making this extra investment if it works as I would like.) Importantly, though, I do not want for anyone in that room to have access to or to otherwise control the heating in any of the other rooms of the house. (Also, I do not want them to have any control over the hot water either.)

Any assistance gratefully received. Ideally I would like to talk to someone about this. If someone can please call me on (+44 7770 868 184), that would be great.

Many thanks,

Rob R.

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  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Bertski There are 2 distinct modes that tado can operate in. One is where the boiler-controlling smart thermostat has to be calling for heat in order for other devices to get heat and the other is where every tado device has primacy and can call for heat regardless of other devices. These modes can only be changed through support but it's only a 2 minute job.

    If you elect for the second mode, that separate dwelling can operate just using its own tado TRV and can therefore get heat whenever needed. The problem arises though that they would need access to your app if they need the benefit of automatic control of their radiator.

  • Thanks for your reply @samd. So, if I were to use the second mode you mentioned, then the only way the inhabitant of the second dwelling could control their heating -- without interfering with the controls for the rest of the house -- would be if they adjusted the temperature from their Tado TRV. Is this correct?

    To be clear, perhaps the same question, but asked another way: Is it possible for the inhabitant of the second dwelling to control their temp (and, more importantly, the programming/timing of their temp) via the app, but without having access to the settings for the rest of the house? (I.e. such that the app control only the Tado TRV in their area?)

    Also, a separate, but somewhat related question: We have a loft-room that takes longer to heat than other rooms in the house -- so it's likely that we'd want the boiler running to heat that room, when the main living area (where the main thermostat is) no longer requiring heat. Does this mean that we'd have to elect the second mode you described for this reason too?

    Many thanks

  • Thank you. All seems clear for now. :-)

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