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Heating is on with hot water

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Hi there,
I have my vaillant gas boiler repaired yesterday, and after that I found the heating system is on/off with the hot water, even the heating is turned off.
The gas boiler is seems working fine so the engineer ask me to investigate the control system. The tado control was working well before the boiler repair.
What can I do to sort the problem? I have tried to reset the system by turning the power on/off but it does not work.


  • Contact Tado through their webchat and get them to do a diagnostic. They can normally solve these things remotely. If that doesn't work then call the engineer back and get him to check the wiring diagram to ensure that he has correctly wired the boiler.

    My guess is that he has not put the wires back in the correct place and you've got a brodge between the heating and hot water control.

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