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Underfloor heating installation

Hi guys,

struggling to find information on what exactly i need for this so thought i would ask here...

Just having extension works carried out at home, and want to convert the heating in living room to wet underfloor heating (single room kit only).

The living room has a smart stat and a smart radiator stat fitted. The rest of the house is already controlled using Tado smarts radiator thermostats.

What do i need to buy to ensure that it can be controlled by the Tado Smart Thermostat? this is the type of kit we are currently looking at.

Any advice would be great. Really don't want to purchase kit that we then find does't work with tado


  • I’m looking to do the same, adding 3 zones of wet UFH to an existing tado radiator/HW setup. Reading the tado guide and checking the instructions for my UFH system (OMNIE) suggests a new tado smart thermostat can control a zone but this is based on the OMNIE wiring unit. That’s a long way of saying, it’ll depend on the wiring of your chosen system. Hope this helps.
  • hmm, not sure i fully understand. Is there anything i need to look for in kits to ensure that it can be controlled by Tado then?

    Or does any have details of kits that definitely work with it?

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