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CH & HW Switching Stopped

Interesting experience this week when I was without heating or hot water for a day or so.
The app was commanding both the CH and HW to be ON, however the Extension Kit did not appear to be switching on the boiler.
Reset the Extension Kit, Bridge and my router, but still nothing. Tado support did the same, except for my router and since then everything has been working fine.
No config changes made, no wiring changed and no issues with the boiler.
Could there be something wrong with the switch contacts in the Extension Kit?


  • I have experienced similar maybe 3 times since I installed around October last year.

    Each time, powering off/on the extension kit solved it. It's not done or for ages now so perhaps the latest firmware has fixed the issue. For info, mine is on 64.6

    If it happens again I'll be requesting a warranty replacement
  • SparkySparky
    edited July 10

    Hi, same for me. In past 24 hrs my Extension Kit stopped working although it only controls my HW (couldn't hear that satisfying click from the relay).

    Tado downgraded my Extension Kit firmware from 71.1 to 64.6. They said the firmware update caused the issue.


    (Was 3 Channel Programmer, with two room thermostats)

  • Thanks - just posted my very similar scenario to this, still a problem for me although only reported it to Tado today so hoping for some good news.

    It all works via the Website App, but nothing works via the phone Apps (iPhone) - what's very strange is that the status updates both ways round, but it doesn't actually turn the hot water on any more unless I use the web app.

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