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I recently received a low battery message, and the message also said, no worries, the thermostat will be working for at least another 3 weeks. We're now 2 weeks ahead and the thermostat stopped working. This shouldn't be a big deal, replace the batteries and you're done right? On the other hand I didn't hurry, it's summertime here, I'm not in the need of a thermostat anyway... Well....think again...

The first thing I'm not too happy with is the fact that I have my Tado since somewhere around Christmas 2019, so I need to replace my batteries every 6 to 7 months as it seems... I think this is quite a high interval... Tado claims to have saved me money, but that reduces a lot if you need to replace the batteries twice a year.

But let's say Tado did save me a bit of money in these 6 months, after the batteries run out, guess what happened in my home... The Tado wall thermostat lets the heater start heating up the place, at full blow capacity, and the heater will not switch off anymore... I'm thankful that I wasn't on holiday for 3 weeks, otherwise the gas bill wouldn't have fit the mailbox anymore... Thanks Tado🤬 Now I have been away for a few days though, so my gas bill will probably show that the little savings Tado🤬did for me in the last 6 months now need a small investment...

This behaviour is so damn stupid that I really had to see it for myself otherwise I wouldn't believe it... How can someone think that it's a good idea to heat up the place when the thermostat runs out of batteries? Till now I was quite happy with my Tado, but now I'm not that enthusiastic anymore...


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @ehofstede Agree entirely - that should not happen. Could you just let us know what tado devices you have please? For example, even if the wall stat did call for heat incorrectly, did not your radiator stats prevent your radiators from heating?

  • @samd Thanks for your reply, I have a wall thermostat in the living room. It's an underfloor heating system, there is a thermostat connected on the central distribution unit, but this thermostat measures the water temperature inside the unit, it cannot be replaced with a Tado smart thermostat. Therefor the wall thermostat is the only thermostat initiating heating in the livingroom.

    On 4 radiators in other rooms I do have smart radiator thermostats installed. In these rooms the temperature remained as configured.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
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    @ehofstede All understood - thanks. The following thread on here discusses the same issue but, unfortunately any resolution was not passed on. Suggest you contact tado on their chat line at tado.com


  • @ehofstede : i have just run across the very same problem. battery low = heating MAX; incredibly stupid and hard to believe. I see this issue has been brought up elsewhere on this forum in the past couple of years, without Tado taking any action to resolve this significant inconvenience. i had my radiators run at max capacity in the midst of summer / heatwave in Belgium for at least one week.

    this problem imho is an incredible design flaw offsetting the otherwice very nice features of the Tado system, and should be tackled as a key priority...

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