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V3+ firmware update stuck

Hi, I got wifi easily - device "blinks" with my cell and laptop. If i touch tada it shows temp and wrench -sign after that.

Updating seems to be stuck - I'v been waiting bit over an our now.. What to do?


  • D5GTD5GT

    I forgot to mention: speedtest shows steady 20/10 - I don't know what slows connection, but that should be fast enough because I dont't have problems to stream movies etc.. Lightcable to building, at this point I use buildings cat6 network + cicso's 110RV router wich is be pretty solid..

    And Tado shows internet/connection ok -light when starting the device.

  • D5GTD5GT

    Got message from support: "we have problems.." "-w'll let you know when"

  • D5GTD5GT

    Problem solved - I'm not sure how - but upgrade is done..

  • I'm experiencing the same issue. Quite frustrating.

    Support told me to wait for the update platform to be available again

  • Waiting for 10 hours now ...

  • HI,

    I had the same issue on initial setup and they fixed for the next day. Be patient :)


  • I have the same issue. It has been going for more than 12 hours. My internet is great (50/20).

  • 24h+ and counting... :(
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    Same here, been stuck on the Updating Firmware page since 7/10, already messaged the support chat twice and apparently the technicians are still working on it. The support's response time was great though, but all they could do was relaying the situation to tech. I wish there's a better way to do this, maybe at least let the customer get through the setup process first and do the update later. This is really hurting the product's Out of Box Experience...

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    It's been days and the Update Server is still faulty... Has anyone gotten through the Update Firmware page yet?

  • I’ve started setting up my v3+ on Friday and still updating :(
  • Same problem since Friday :(

  • Ok, today it finished updating :)

  • Unfortunatley, I've returned the unit to the seller just 30 minutes before I got e-mail from Support telling me the Firmware Update is ready for my unit. Sigh. But I'm glad to see the issue revolved for the ppl above!

  • I have the same issue, the device stucked at the update firmware part. Does anyone have a solution yet ? I have gigabit internet (1000/300), that can't be the problem.

  • I suggest contacting the support on the website, (the yellow bubble on the lower-right corner of the page). Write down your model and serial number and the support should be able to help you out soon.
  • Yeah, i did that. In the response they said they have some technical difficulties. I hope they can fix it soon.

  • I see, maybe it’s region or device specific, I was hoping when they told me they could finally update my unit this afternoon it meant the problem was fixed globally, guess it wasn’t the case.

    Sorry to hear that you’re still stuck at the update page. I guess the only thing to do is just wait and keep in contact with support. Hope yours get resolve soon!
  • I have the new smart ac v3+ model, and in Eastern-Europe. Actually yeah, can't do anything but wait, i hope i got the update soon. I was looking forward to test and try it for days.

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