Turn on all TRV's?

Hi new to Tado. I have the smart thermostat and four smart TRV's. Is there a way to raise the temp on all of them at the same time or do I have to go into each one individually?

Also if there is a way to do them all at once is there an Alexa command to do this too?


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  • Flateric
    edited July 2020
    Just realised I can make a custom routine to do this in Alexa but not sure how I could then revert them all back to smart schedule once I'm done. Would be nice if there's a native solution.
  • Same here, Flateric.

    Using Homey.app I can only go from Smart Schedule to a fixed temperature, not reversing (on all TRV’s).
  • I made a custom routine on Alexa that sets all my TRV's to 25 when I want to dry clothes. I've then used IFTTT to set it all back to normal when I've finished.

    There's an IFTTT applet called Amazon Echo resets Tado. Pretty sure there are other applets achieving the same reset on different hardware.
  • Hi, I'm new to IFTTT and Alexa so I'm a little confused how to set up a similar routine because into the IFTTT applets I find only few thing which do not solve my problem.

    I just want to have Alexa that, for example, "decrease the temperature by 2 deg. in ALL rooms for 2 hours".

    With ALL rooms because I have:

    • living room with 1 tado thermostat and 3 tado valves
    • room A with 1 tado valve
    • room B with 1 tado valve
    • room C with 1 tado valve
    • room D with 1 tado valve
    • bathroom with 1 tado valve

    Now I'm using the Away mode but this is not the right way...

    Appreciate very much any help. Thanks

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