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Radiator thermostat batteries die without warning?

Hi Folks,

I really hope that tado’s technical support team pick up on this!

I’ve had 3 separate radiators thermostat batteries die without warning. They still show up as fine in the app. The only way I noticed was by touching the radiator and then manually turning the thermostat to be greeted by the “[ ]” image.

Great! So it just doesn’t bother telling me!

This did used to work! Maybe it broke in the latest software update 66.1 which is present on all these radiators btw.


  • Happens all of the time for me for over a year now. Tado claimed they would fix it but never did so. What is bizarre that rads with the same firmware - some report and others do not report low battery.
  • I just encountered the same problem. The radiator didn't get warm while the boiler kept running. The app showed no battery problem, but turning the radiatorknob did show the battery warning.

  • I have had the same problem on 2 TRVs too. The app shows a ‘good’ battery and temperature reading and blink functions work fine, but the valve will not open. When I rotate the valve I get the battery symbol. The boiler keeps getting called, wasting energy.

    The whole handling of faults is a missed opportunity and a long way from ‘smart’ or intelligent’. The system starts the boiler and opens a TRV, then sees no rise in temperature for hours. Should it not alert the user rather than stay quiet and continue wasting energy?
  • Same problem for me now that I've had the system for a year and valves are starting to run out of batteries. The first I know is when one of my rooms starts behaving bizarrely, overheating or staying cold, and I have to manually check all the valves to find out one needs new batteries.

    Tado working on a fix, but since this was reported back in July I guess I can look forward to lots more failures like this over the Winter!

  • Same problem for me - such a buggy, junk filled purchase... Really such a waste of money. Wish I'd stuck with Nest on this. Just doesn't work....
  • Same problem here. The radiator thermostat shows empty battery symbol, but the Tado App states that the battery is “good”. This is a vey nasty bug that needs fixing!

    The concept of a smart radiator system is to prevent such basic issues as low battery!

  • I agree that despite being reassured by support that the TRV’s are amongst the best on the market boy the others must be so bad! I was advised to fit TRV’s on all rads but with the further away from the Bridge we get intermittent loss of connectivity this results in that rad calling for heat and supplying to all ‘ dumb ‘ rads. No way! Most recently support have gone into my system and DRASTICALLY changed my system WITHOUT CONSULTATION MAKING MY £650 TRV’s almost non functional! I am now worse off financially and my system is physically worse off! Thanks Tado! Not!

  • Any update on this? I removed all the TRV’s about 6 weeks ago as they’re unless!

    Without TRVs, my boiler is running fewer hours per day and the house feels warmer too. My v1 tado system was much better than the current setup!
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