Tado does not recognise my address

Hi all, good to meet you, hope you can help. I’m trying to set up Tado and fallen at the first hurdle. I can’t add my home to the app because Tado does not recognise my address. Bloody computer says no! Any suggestions?


  • OK - I'll answer my now question. the answer is because the App does not sue the UK postcode format. It requires postcode to be entered with no spaces!

  • My Tado has the postcode entered correctly (format wise) and recognises the address. Format: XX99 9XX
  • Hi

    I'm having trouble getting Tado to recognise my house name. We have no number and the nearest match is 50m down the road. Clicking on the locator finds us on the map but display the house down the road.
  • Rob2
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    You can manually move the pointer on the map, at least in the web browser on a computer (have not tried in the app).

  • rafm5
    rafm5 | Moderator

    @Phlugg The Web App and iOS App both work as expected (format XX99 9XX)

  • It does not really matter, it doesn’t have to be exact. It is used for generic weather information. So it is not a big deal to be 5 km or so off.

  • @Andreplusplus
    What about the Geofencing feature.....surely being 5km off is a bit of an issue....
  • @GrayDav4276 Sorry, I didn’t think of that. Good point! (I must admitbI don’t use that. It’s not worth the money and I would rather have this per room - kids go to school, heating off in their room)