How do you switch off heating into frost protection

In the old Android app you had a switch to turn on permanent frost protection. The new interface does not seem to have such a switch. Any idea how to do this?

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  • Great answer, many thanks. However an off switch like the old app would have been more helpful.
  • Hello everyone!

    While using the Away mode could be handy in some situation that is not the same as "turn it off"...

    I second this idea and I am surprised/frustrated that it is not present in the application.

  • The only way I have found is to use IFTTT app to turn heating off completely, and still leave the hot water on once a day for a hour or so

  • what_a_tado
    what_a_tado ✭✭
    edited August 2020

    You can use the following instructions to manually change the heating thermostat to 5 degrees until you cancel

  • It is really frustrating not to have the ability to switch the heating COMPLETELY off or to set a temperature that is lower than 5°C. In case of an electric heating there is no danger of damaging the heating system under this temperature. I will probably have to move to move to an alternative product.

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