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No Hot Water or Heating

I installed the extension kit on to my Worcester Highflow 440 CDI yesterday, and was able to pair it up, and everything is showing as working in the app. However, if I turn hw or ch on, nothing happens away from the boiler. This morning, I’ve come downstairs to it, and the ‘pilot’ light on the control panel is on, and the boiler is making the normal heating sounds, with the temp display going upwards... but no hot water coming from the taps, or ch. any suggestions as to why the thermostat, extension and boiler ‘seem’ to be working... but then nothing hot is then leaving the boiler. Is this going to be something else non tado related and as such I’m going need get the plumber in before wife kills me


  • I've had the same, it's not triggering the hot water or heating since I installed it. Waiting on tech support, they've updated the firmware but still looking into it. I can hear the extension kit 'click' but nothing happens. Though the smart thermostat seems to trigger it if done manually from there. Waiting and seeing, good job it's summer!
  • I managed fix mine myself when I was going to take it apart. When I was about to close it back up, I noticed that there was a loose cable, turns out (I think) that this was a cable that connected to the pump. So I think the boiler was heating up, just not shipping that hot water outta there!
  • My tado was working fine until yesterday...could be a coincidence but had to restart my WiFi router and also installed the beta app...anyway this morning there was no hot water, and the boiler wasn't starting via the app or manually on the thermostat. Tado help tried to do whatever they do then suggested calling an engineer, but thought I'd try the old system....boiler fired up first time. I'm going to investigate further at the weekend when I have more time
  • Yes my Tado didn’t fire up this morning. Called the Tado team....just answer machine. Emailed and live text and no answer for hours. There is definitely an issue with their technical and customer service availability. My system needed a firmware update. It was a cold start to the day. Now the app will not show the temperature history of each room. I wonder whether the system goes through the same issue again.

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