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for how many years do you guarantee the security update /?

Hi, Before buy the Tado Thermostat for my new boiler (Bosch ) I was wondering for how many years do you guarantee the security update ? (my worries are to have a in 5 years still a good boiler but not anymore an update Thermostat )

The Bosch thermostat proposed to me legally guarantee 7 years of secutiry update .

Thanks for answer


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @franny I would pose this question on the tado helpline on tado.com. At the same time you could give them the makes and models of your current system and they will provide you with the correct wiring instructions.

  • Thank you !! Hi , if you refer to boiler system is a Bosch condens 23000, and I’m going to connect the tado on on/off .
    If you refer the model of tado, as you saw, I didn’t yet bought it. My worry is that you don’t have a clear policy on update the security measures , legally confirmed nor declared on the warranty . So this boiler will last 15 years , and I don’t know if I’m 4 year tado will keep sotisfy the security update ( in UK there is a design of law regarding declare security update expiration date )
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