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How do I cancel a partially completed install and start again with different instructions.

I believe I have downloaded the tailored instructions for a different Worcester Greenstar 30si and not the version of the Worcester Greenstar 30si that I have. There are a plethora to choose from.

How do I abandon the partially completed extension kit installation, download alternative instructions, and start again?


  • My Worcester Greenstar doesn't have the B B terminal described in the (incorrect) instructions I have downloaded.
  • GraemeGGraemeG
    edited July 18

    Instructions tado have provided for Greenstar 30si show this...

    The reality on my Greenstar 30si is this...

  • I’ve created Support ticket ID 1142107 For this tado.

  • Many thanks to Nikola from support who identified that I had selected the wrong iteration of Greenstar 30si and reset the install instructions to show the instructions relevant to the correct version of 30si.
  • I've got a 30si and Tado wireless starter kit arriving this week. How do you know which iteration of 30si you have?


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