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Why is adding additional "Smart" Thermostats so painful?

Does anyone know why adding additional Smart Thermostats has to go via Tado support, which can take several days to get actioned?

All I need is the ability to replicate the existing smart thermostat settings, then add it to a specified room. Should be simple in the software

Do you have an existing Smart Thermostat?

Yes, do you want to copy settings and add a new room? If no, then trigger an edge case e-mail.

No, following initial set up instructions.

Right now every new thermostat needs a partial install followed by answering questions to support via email, then waiting a couple of days before chasing for action via chat, or am I the only one experiencing this?


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @JasonRS Not sure why support is needed on this issue. I have a tado smart thermostat controlling the combi boiler and I just added a second one in my Lounge to control those TRVs. Am I missing your point?

  • I've added 5 Thermostats, and after the first, each time I've been asked to "supply additional information" that then requires me to wait until Tado makes the addition.

    This is what you get when it gets to the stage of adding it to a room...

    Response from Tado the last time I questioned it:

    "The reason is that it is designed this way and at the moment it is working as designed. We are continuously enhancing tado°s Installation Process. We apologise for the inconveniences."

    I've been waiting over 3 days for the latest 2 Smart Thermostats to be added.

    BTW, I don't have a combi boiler, so the system controls stored hot water too via the extension kit, but it's the same setting for all Thermostats in the system, so should be easy to duplicate across the new ones.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @JasonRS You are correct - your extension kit'should not make the setup any different. I'm stumped! Can only hope that Support visit this thread and provide an answer.

  • Finally got a response from from Tado

    "Unfortunately, when there are multiple Smart Thermostats in the system, only our agents or technical team can assign Smart Thermostats. 

    I am sorry you had to wait, our technical team does not work on weekends. "

    Don't do any changes on a Friday through Sunday by the look of things...

  • AbhAbh
    You have the same problem if you try to delete a smart thermostat, the room gets deleted and then try to reinstall. No not possible. Error messages then say cannot add new rooms at this time. Request assistance from Technical support. Why? So frustrating.
  • Agreed. If I'd known how challenging this would be I wouldn't have invested in Tado, but now I"m committed to the platform due to the investment made.

    I'm certainly not recommending this to anyone else, it's not at all customer friendly unless you have a few rooms and a combi boiler.

  • joka22joka22
    edited July 29

    Same with me!

    And I agree, that's really a stupid concept, I would say, broken by design and tado will not survive on the market if they don't change it.

    I bought 11 smart thermostats.

    In the end 9 smart thermostates work fine. But if you try to configure the 10th as heat cicle 10 (HC10) it will be destroyed with no funktion anymore. tado sent me a replacement three times. Same effect.

    You can imagine my pain. I lost lifetime with the discussions with the support. I think even the human support members are bots ;-)), you can't really communicate with them. They follow just their process.

  • Hello all,

    However I am not struggling with extra smart thermostat installation but with extension kit. It is now going to be a joke.

    I had to manage a boiler change and a heating system reconsideration. I had two smart thermostats before. So the heating pipe installation and heating circle separation was made based a discussion with the support according to https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3487152 Option 2.

    I also realised a ticket to pick a boiler to tado. The chosen Ariston Genus One 24 systems compatibility was confirmed via eBUS.

    It is one thing, wiring support request of the valves and pump of floor heating circles was always skipped (bot answer). So I had to manage it. It is already working.

    But the extension kit has been replaced two times to ensure eBUS compatibility with Ariston boiler. Now the only thing I need from tado support team to release a wiring diagram for Extension kit to control one hydraulic pump and the boiler any time when any of two Smart thermostats of any of radiator thermostats request heat. So far I got no real support just a feedback, my boiler not supporting eBUS with tado. The only can support the installation on an existing system. Domestic water tank they can not wire.

    Due to the fact system has been developed to be compatible with tado it is even not needed. Domestic tank filling going to be solved by the boiler by own. No control from two needed (Any valve or pump).

    After a lot of messages, and support requests lost 2 months passed from ordering of Extension kit, but still no functional heating. The only thing is working, the floor heating water circulation is made by myself.

    Does anyone know the Ariston eBUS connection details? Professional installers guide does not help a lot.

    My Extension kit needs to switch boiler and a pump on in case of any heat requests. Ariston boiler does not have any Thermostat port which allows 230V relay connection. So Relay control boiler and pump together not possible. Maybe by installation of an extra SPST - NO relay.

    I am already regretted of choosing tado instead of Honeywell system one years ago due to outfit.. :(

    Fortunately it is summer now. I do not need to live in a cold house at winter time.

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