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Heating manifold, multiple thermostats

Hi there,

I have three heating zones, one for each floor. Total number of radiators in the house is 7. I would like to have one smart thermostat per floor to control temperature per floor.

Could you please explain how would that work with heating zones on manifold?

Would the following system work?:

  • smart radiator thermostat on each manifold loop (one per zone)
  • smart thermostat per floor
  • extension kit to control the boiler
  • internet bridge to allow for app control

Temperature on the top floor drops below limit -> signal goes to the extension kit -> extension kit turns the boiler on -> smart radiator thermostat opens the flow for the zone -> other smart radiator thermostats become closed -> temperature meets the limit -> extension turns off the boiler -> zones valve is now closed.

Is that reasonable and feasible?


  • JoeyJoey | Moderator

    Hello Szymon,

    Thank you for your question,

    The setup as described can be achieved with tado°

    This does however depend on the current heating setup and the devices that will need to be controlled.

    Please contact Support and provide details on your heating setup and our installation team with confirm if tado° is compatible or not,

    Kind regards,


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