Electric underfloor heating and radiator in the same room


I just started equip my old house with Tado radiator valves. I do not have thermostats. It has about about 20 radiators all together.

In the bathrooms, we're thinking of installing the Danfoss electric floor heating.

The use-case is to mainly not have cold feet on the stone floors and the floor heating is not meant for heating up the place. The bathroom has an actual radiator with Tado Smart Valve.

Can anyone confirm this will work. Possibly with an Smart Thermostat in bathroom.

I know the danfoss electric floor heating can work with their own thermostat, but i don't want to start using something other than Tado now.

Thanks, Tom


  • Hi @GrilledCheese thanks for your reply.

    The 6A limitation I was aware of yes. Here's a link to the floor heating. https://www.hornbach.ch/shop/Elektrische-Fussbodenheizung-Danfoss-Ecmat-300W-0-5x4-m/6479338/artikel.html Not sure it uses such sensor.

    Regarding the 10 smart valves limitation, no I was not aware of that. Haven't read that on the website. That is a bit of a bummer.... I don't want devices to work in tandem, because the radiators are in different rooms, having nothing to do with each other. One could be a bedroom, another an office, hallway, or bathroom. This would mean I have to add a second bridge, and add a second home, which Tado doesn't support in their app....