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Where has manual control options gone to?

Hi folks......all my radiators in the house have the Smart TRV on them and they work great and I got all this when it was still on the version 3 app.

On the old app, there was a setting to say what I wanted done if anyone manually adjusted (turning the dial) the radiator stats.....which for me IS one of the best features as I have kids that like to turn the heating ON at night (when it is not needed) so I set the manual control feature to last only 10 minutes and then revert to normal heating as per the schedule (so the kids were none the wiser it turned off again.....sneaky on my part, but needed).

I have just discovered that this new version of the app, that this manual control feature is missing.......or well hidden somewhere because I can't find it anywhere.

Why has this been removed?


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
    edited August 17

    @Malcky Sorry I cannot help on the reason for its deletion but there is a well-supported thread in the Suggestions section where you might want to add your vote?

    See here


  • I don't have a Smart TRV so I am assuming that the manual control process is the same as for a Smart Thermostat.

    1. Select Settings
    2. Select Rooms & Devices
    3. Select the Room where the Thermostat is (there should be an arrow (->) next to it)
    4. Select Manual Control on tado device
    5. Select Manual Control on tado device
    6. Select Timer from the list
    7. Select Timer and set to 10 minutes
  • @samd thanks for the link....that’s for child lock function that has never been available...and probably never will based on that thread.
    What I used to have was there but has since been moved or removed whenever tado forced the app update on me (I never needed it or wanted to pay for the new version) the app just updated all by itself as a force upgrade.
    The only saving grace from this is that the settings I had in all the bedrooms that only last 10 minutes on a manual dial change of the TRV seems to have followed through to the new app......I just don’t have a way to edit that function if I ever wanted to.

    Not pleased at this removal at all.

    @what_a_tado I don’t have those options you describe....once I go to the room, select the device it just shows me the firmware version and the battery status.
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Malcky To get what a tados settings you need to press the arrow on the right of the room

  • @Malcky You need to select the room and not the device

  • Ah man what a plonker....how did I miss that. your all right folks, I was pressing the device for the room arrow and not the actual room itself arrow. 🙄🙄🙄
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