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smart ac control and smart radiator thermostat in same room?


I'd need a control setup where I can automatically switch between cooling and heating in a room based on preprogrammed schedule and thermostatic control. The room is heated by a radiator and cooled by a fan coil device. Specifically, I want a cool room after midnight, sufficiently warm room in the morning and the rest of the day does not matter that much, but the temperature should stay "reasonable" (heating is needed in winter and mild cooling in summer). This is achieved by heavy cooling during the night in summer and extra heating on the morning in winter and the situation varies at other times.

Can this be set up with the products mentioned? I have used a similar arrangement with success using a reverse-cycle air conditioner with smart AC control as the only heating and cooling device for a room. It would sufficient to control the cooling device with the normal thermostatic mode of the smart ac controller (the fan coil is initiated in a mode where the fan speed is based on temperature difference from target by the self-recorded start command for the smart AC and this is OK for the current case).

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