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Cloud LED on Internet Bridge is flashing forever

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I have purchased a starter kit and some Smart Radiator Thermostats.

When I connect the Internet Bridge to my router, the Power and Router LEDs has solid lights, but the Cloud LED keeps flashing.

I have verified that I can connect to my.tado.com from the same network and the same ethernet port in the router.

I have also verified in my router UI, that the Internet Bridge got an IP address and that nothing is blocking its traffic.

DNS server in the router is set up to, one of Google's DNS servers.

Does any one know if there's a hidden diagnostics tool hosted by the bridge? A web based interface you can access via its IP address?


  • Got it working, I replaced the ethernet cable with an ethernet crossover cable. Not sure why that works, I tried the included cable many times in different ports. I also tried another cable that I use with my Philips Hue bridge, which works with the Hue but not with tado.

    Anyway, the crossover cable works. So all good now.

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