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Smart Thermostat and extension box.

Hi, if I go to 'settings' -> rooms and devices and show the thermostat, it shows the serial numeber, firmware version, it also shows connected and battery life as 'good', then the room (Living Room) but under this is a bold title 'installation instructions' yet it was installed nearly a year ago and is working ok.

The extension box also shows this 'installation Instructions' title, yet that was also installed at the same time as the thermostat. The radiator valves which I also have do not show this.

Has anyone seen this before? It seems to have appeared in the last few days.


  • Same here. I think it’s only appeared since the app was upgraded to v5.13.

  • Thanks, I guess its a bug/feature then. I wonder if it's meant to make changing the boiler simpler.

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