No offset temp in app?

Where’s the offset temperature gone in the app (iPhone)? It’s really useful and a step backwards if It’s disappeared. Any resolutions for this issue?

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  • what_a_tado
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    I don't know about the iPhone app but in the Android version you tap on Settings then tap on Rooms & Devices then tap on the Room (not the device) you want to change and then tap on Temperature Offset


  • I would also like to know where this has gone. As Kdx says removing it is a retrograde step.
  • Hmmmm….it’s disappeared from my iPhone App too. I have previously used it about 1 yr ago. Now it’s not showing. Any ideas on how to offset now, please?
  • >>Settings
    >> Rooms and Devices
    >> Room name, Kitchen/ Study/ Library/Ballroom etc (not the thermostat or device) and it’s there!