Do i need smart rad thermostats in the room with the smart thermostat

I have the smart thermostat in my livingroom with 2 radiators. Do i need to equip both radiators with smart rad thermo valves or can i just put open/close valves on them and let the smart thermostat regulate the livingroom temperature?


  • Will the smart rad stats in otjer rooms be influenced if they demand heat? In this case the boiler will start and pump heat to provide for the other smart rooms, but also through the dump rad stats in the livingroom which in turn increase the livingroom temp. There the smart main stat will try to shut down the boiler to prevent overheating the livingroom. So the other rooms dont meet the required temp either...
  • Thats a really good question and I would like to know the answer too. I think that Tado would suggest that you get a smart rad thermostat in the living room as well. Otherwise yes, you could get conflicts I guess.

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