Am I missing something with TRV setup


I had a tado setup with my last house with 2 wireless thermostats, bridge and extension kit which was awesome.

I've since moved and the new property has a 3 way timer (2 heating zones and hot water) so been told only option is TRV (17 of them) and would need to control HW manually through the existing timer.

To see how it could work I bought the TRV starter kit (bridge and valve), all setup perfectly but it doesn't do anything with the heating. Am i missing something really simple or do i need a thermostat as-well which will communicate with the boiler (would replace existing wired thermostat with Tado version in same zone as TRV)?

Thanks for any help...



  • Hi,

    This is the complete setup we have:

    • Ideal H18 Boiler,
    • Therma ES3247B timer for heating and hotwater
    • 2 x Therma room thermostats for 2x separate zones
    • Therma TQX0035, heating expansion vessel
    • Therma TQPPT0210 Cylinder
    • Zilmet O0AT0BCOR external expansion vessel

    and this was the response from Tado chat about controlling HW and heating 'ES3247B is a triple relay programmer, while our Extension Kit can only replace single & dual relay devices, not triple. We thus cannot replace it.'

    Thanks for the help

  • Great, thanks for the detail. Will get the thermostats and get the extension kite etc later in the year

  • Not sure if I need a new thread on this?

    I've bought the new thermostats, but Tado don't provide install instructions to switch from the existing Therma thermostats as they aren't recognised by the online tool. Rather than was 4-5 days for tado support I thought I would try here first.

    Wiring into existing thermostat attached

    Any ideas?

  • Thanks all installed
  • Hi @nickd911, did you have much luck? I can't see any other replies to this which is a bit confusing, what else did you need to buy? Our setup is identical to yours.