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The Home area is not sufficient to preheat home if absent on holiday for several days/weeks/months. Any solution?

How can Tadoº learn what I normally do if there is no routine to my days or life?


  • Julia
    Julia ✭✭

    Hi @truespirit

    You can define your home area yourself in the settings of your Smartphone app under Geofencing, enhance it or narrow it down.

    You can also choose between different Away settings for each room:

    • Off: Your heating won't start before you arrive home.
    • Eco: Your heating will start only shortly before you arrive.
    • Balance: Your heating will start soon enough so it might not be cozy, but warm enough when you arrive.
    • Comfort: By the time you arrive, your home will have practically reached your scheduled target temperature.

    As to the learning process: tado° adapts to your building's specifics, it will learn how long it will take to heat up your home, and it will update the parameters several times a day using a PID algorithm. However, it will not learn your behaviour as a user. In order for tado° to know which temperatures you will want and when, you will have to configure you Smart Schedule.

    Whenever your life does not follow your Smart Schedule's routine, the Auto Assist skill will turn off or on your heating according to your needs (if enabled).



  • @Julia that only works if you have the paid subscription, which more or less defeats the point of the money saving side of the system, otherwise you can just set an away room temperature.

    as there is no manual control of the home or away settings, just arrive home and hope Tado eventually notices you are home and shiver while you wait, it is a major problem with the basic system