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Boiler not connecting to Extension kit

Hi I’ve just finished wiring in an extension box to my Worcester Greenstar boiler. It’s powered up and connected fine, but the thermostat isn’t firing the boiler. I have a flashing radio connection symbol on the boiler- indicating, I guess that the boiler can’t connect to the old Worcester digitstat If I put the batteries back in the old thermostat it still works. Any ideas what’s going on?


  • Ive now realised the issue is because of my combi boiler I need specific installation instructions. In the meantime no heating and no contact from Tado. Absolutely terrible customer service! I certainly won’t be recommending them to anyone. How can there be no contact number when they advocate self installation !!
  • Hi Chris,

    I had the WB CDi combi boiler with DT20RF wireless controller. I had to remove the controller from the front of the boiler and remove the Ls/Lr link from the ST10 connection and wire as a normal thermostat to get mine working. I then got a cheap 'blank' plate from eBay (Installers who have loads of these left over flog them for not much money).

  • Thanks @Snubbers. By good fortune I had someone coming to service my boiler- they checked all my wiring, which was as stated above and all fine, and Id disconnected the front controller. In the end we had to call the installers line and Tado just did something from their end, instantly sorted! Pretty frustrating in the end as it took 5days to get any response from Tado to any of the messages I’d sent them!
  • @Snubbers I had a cdi + dt10rf and install instructions told me to connect To the B-B wiring as opposed to the ls/lr link oddly. I’ve just done it, and although connected the boiler is constantly firing which makes me thing it should
    Be wired differently abs I’ve been given the wrong install?
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