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Joined or Separated Rooms

Hi guys,

I've had Tado now for a couple of months and one thing I am not sure of is as follow. Any advise or real world examples would be great.

I currently have 8 TRV's across 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and my office. Originally I had every TRV setup within it's own room zone (apart from the living room which has two radiators so was setup with one TRV as master the other one as secondary).

I was finding having 8 zones quite tedious with having to manually change each room one by one when required. Additionally I was concerned that having a larger boiler with a minimum output of 6.8kw that having for example just one room would be causing extra gas use and wear on the boiler if for example just a single bedroom was calling. Thus, I proceeded to bulk the bedrooms together in to the one zone, living room and kitchen in to the second zone and my office in to a third zone.

Now I am thinking that maybe this isn't a great idea as the bedrooms for example are 2 North and 2 South facing, along with kids using computers etc. kicking out heat. Also makes me think, isn't what I am doing wasting functionality.

Does anyone have any recommendations on whether it's best to let the boiler run many more times and use a zone for each room, or not? It would be great to know if Tado is smart enough (and already does) prevent lots of micro boiler fires and is able to bulk together some of the room request for heat where for example it could wind down the TRV's to a trickle.

From a technical point of view I have a "base load" of 2.5kw from radiators that are not on Tado. My bedroom rads account for 2.7kw, my office 1.1kw, living room 2.8kw and kitchen at 1.2kw. Thus total house is around 10.3kw. Boiler is a 38kw Vaillant Ecotec 938 storage combi which can modulate down to approx 6.8-7.2kw depending on flow temperature.

Apologies the ask is a little convoluted.


  • I have a similar situation. My daughters' bedrooms are in the coldest part of the house which, oddly enough, are at the two ends. We live in a converted barn and their rooms have solid, uninsulated, walls. So I have had to zone every room in order to control the heat because the only option would be to have their bedrooms cold or other rooms over hot.

    I keep oil consumption data and I am sorry to report that in my year with Tado my oil consumption has risen from around 2000-2200 litres a year to 2600 litres last year. It wasn't a particularly bad winter. There was no snow and little frost.

    This Tado has cost me money.

    In addition, I put room thermostats in each zone to get a more accurate data set for each zone and to more accurately control the temperatures.

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