Water pressure control

My boiler water pressure can only be restored via its custom thermostat (photos and models available here). After few months of tado, the boiler pressure went down and tado just made the water control disappear from the app and website, which is odd to say the least...

After talking with customer support which was kind of (helpless and slow responding) and staying without hot water for a day, I decided to mount back my old thermostat. After mounting it, it was showing "Error 111, low water pressure. Press refill to refill". Pressing the refill button actually refilled something and hot water started flowing back normally.

Why tado cannot do the same? It is a shame that i had to revert back to my old thermostat.

Also, few days later, the boiler had a little malfunction unrelated to the upper fact (a gas valve was a little obstructed due to usage). The old thermostat showed "Error 503, cannot turn flame on, press enter to try again", of course pressing enter did not solve the issue and showed a fail (I had to call a technician), but at least it showed a fail! Would it be possible to mainstream such notifications in the tado app? I'd like to use tado again!


  • I have a similar situation. I find super important to have the boiler most important metrics directly available in the Tado app. Water pressure is is probably the most important one to begin with, but also native error messages should be displayed in the app.

    can anybody comment on whether this is on the roadmap? or any other way, like using the APIs, to achieve the same?

  • gary333
    gary333 ✭✭

    How come you cannot fill your boiler manually? I know this doesn't fix the Tado capability, but why not have a filling loop installed? Apologies if i am being ignorant here, but not having manual control to fill the central heating system is a step too far.

  • Lamba92
    edited March 15
    My boiler has no manual control! Everything is demanded to the thermostat. I believe there should be a button to manually fill the pipes but you have to unmount the external shield, which is pretty inconvenient.

    Also it would have not showed me the second error anyway...
  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭
    It would be nice if these error messages were displayed by Tado but it is a big ask as they would need to create compatibility with endless boilers plus updates.
    By the way, sounds like your boiler system needs a full service. The pressure should not need regularly topping up. Sound to me like your expansion vessel has failed or needs pumping up.
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