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Tado app update

I’ve had an email from Tado re Care & Protect feature & at the end of the email it says

P.S. remember to update your tado app to v6.0 to enjoy the new benefits.

How do I update the app?? I can’t find an update feature in the app nor anything on the Apple App Store ...so how can I update please?
Currently the version is showing as 5.13.2 (9613)


  • edited October 2020

    @dg74 On Android the v6.0 update appeared automatically in the Google Play Store.

    Maybe Apple haven't received/authorised it yet.

    Tado have also updated their browser app so Care & Protect should show using this link


  • Thanks for that @what_a_tado
    I’ve loaded up the browser version & can see it there no problem 👍🏼
    I only ever use the app on my iPhone so like you say it could be that Apple haven’t given the ok yet! Thanks for reply
  • @what_a_tado just had a further dig around on the App Store & there’s an update!! It wasn’t showing as normal though ...so all sorted now 👍🏼
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