Fittings doesn't match Danfoss termostates

Hello - I have got som starter-kit from Tado - but the plastic fittings that should be mounted on my radiator-vent - doesn't fit - it is actualle a little too big - it fits but you cant tighten it.

Where can I get new fittings??? that fits - Tado apperently doesn't have a support that you could write to????

Brgds Niels


  • Julia
    Julia | Moderator

    Hello @Nielsjuul

    Thank you for your question.

    Our Smart Radiator Thermostats are compatible with valves with an M30x1.5mm thread. If they are too loose, it is possible that you have to tighten them carefully with a wrench.

    As some valves have different measurements, we provide adapters for the ten most common types. You can find out more in this article:

    Which radiator valves are the Smart Radiator Thermostats compatible with?

    For some less common valves, however, we cannot provide adapters, so if you have one of those you will have to buy an adapter externally.

    If you are not sure which valve you have, our tech support will gladly help you determine your valve type. Please contact us and send us pictures of the radiator head you are currently using, of the valve thread without the radiator head and of the valve itself.

    Best wishes,