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Moving from Hive to Tado

Hi there,

A friend recommended this community for advice on Tado. I am thinking about making the jump from Hive to Tado. I have a v1 Hive active heating system that is not working anywhere near as well as it should (unable to control thermostat from internet/app) and, as it is gen one, I have to buy a whole new system to get optimum performance - so an opp to rethink the competition.

I live in a Victorian terrace, with a Valliant boiler EcoTec pro 28 (combi), and want to control the heating with Tado. My router is 16m from my boiler (max distance), and there is one think house wall between them.

Can you recommend what system I need to install? I'd like to build it up to a multi zone heating system, with thermostatic valves in certain rooms - but not right away.

Is it easy for someone with v basic knowledge to install, or would I bet better with an installer?

Happy to answer any Qs you have to help clarify anything, and I look forward to hearing your advice.

Many thanks,



  • Radiator values are dead easy to install.

    I got a friend to install the thermostats (we have two in our house).

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