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How to: Switch to away mode when my wife leaves house but leave my study heating on.

Hi everyone,

I work from home. My wife is often out of the house while I am working. I only want to heat the rest of the house when my wife is in (or on the way back to the house). Is this how I would do this:

(1) Subscribe to Auto Assist

(2) In my "Study", under smart schedule (advanced settings within a time block) - turn off Geofencing control

(3) Under Geofencing on my phone - do NOT switch on "include device's location"

(4) Under Geofencing on my wife's phone - DO switch on "include device's location"

In theory, this should work. My wife can leave the house switching all rooms to away mode apart from my Study. Auto Assist will then start warming up the rest of the house when she is on her way back.

Downside is:

(a) If I want the study to be switched off by auto assist during that time I would need to do it manually - which I can live with.

(b) If my wife is out of the house and I want some heat in a room other than the study, I will have to turn it on/off manually. - which I can live with.

Is there a better way of doing this? Thoughts?

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