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Vertical mount temperature measurement incorrect.


I seem to have hit the same problem that others in the forum mention. That is my tado TRV thinks the room has reached the temperature when it is actually measuring the radiator temperature. The rest of the room is cold (measured with another temperature sensor). The offset temperature seems to be a poor choice as it looks like it needs to be dynamic and setting it only once confuses the room temperature measurement.

I read some of the solutions as it is better to mount the TRV in horizontal position which makes it move somewhat away from the radiator. Is this something that would work or is it a half-measure too? I can check with a local plumber to change the mounting if this solves the issue.

Thank you

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  • Not sure about the horizontal mounting option, but the offset function has worked in our living room and kitchen (which are larger rooms with two rad mountings in each.

    The solution will be somewhat dynamic due to Tado hooking into weather reports. but I do take your point. You can't always guarantee the temperature in the middle of the room is right when set by thermostats low down (and next to a radiator) at the edges of the room. But, as I state above, its made a big improvement for us that I'm happy with.

  • Thanks for the reply. May I know how did you set the offset? Did you let the heating run for sometime and measure the difference and set a negative value for the offset?

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