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Are assistants (like Alexa) worth it?

Do you have an assistant like alexa, and if so, do you think it's worth it? I was thinking of getting one because I can, but I'm having a hard time convincing my better half its worth it. If you have one, do you have a use-case that I can use as a sales-argument? ;)


  • Hi Cesco, hopefully you have your Alexa by now, but if not, let me share what my wife likes about Alexa. When she’s still in bed she can raise the temperature in the bathroom without leaving the bed. When we go to bed, we don’t switch off any lights, but once in bed we’d simply tell Alexa to switch off all lights. We have two dogs and the outside light switch is two rooms away, so we got a WiFi switch and now Alexa turns the light on and off for us. We used to leave the outside light on all evening (laziness), but now we don’t, saving money. If we’re late home and the dogs are left in darkness, we can switch on a light remotely.

    I think voice assistants are one of those things you only know you need once you have one. We now have three! Good Luck.
  • Alexa is great if you have the time / patience to get the logic right as you expand your smart home

    not all manufacturers support their Alexa integration and skills properly - tado being one of them I found out recently through support- had to disable the Alexa skill altogether - there are a load of bad reviews from users for the skill recently

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