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Best layout - thermostat and 3 TRVs

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Hi there,

I’ve had tado for a year or so with only the start thermostat. I bought a smart trv the other day and installed it in my bedroom and have just ordered two more (prime day!) and I’m wondering where to put them.

Current setup:


master bed - smart trv
Master en-suite - dumb valves - towel rail
Family bath: dumb valves - towel rail
Kid’s room - dumb trv
Spare room (gym and tv) dumb trv
hall/landing: dumb valves


living/dining room - 2 x dumb valves (this includes an open staircase to the landing upstairs).
Conservatory: dumb trv (usually off as it’s cold in winter - only opened when in use)
Utility room: small rad W/ dumb valves (this room has dog crate and boiler cupboard).
Hall: nothing
Kitchen: totally separate electric underfloor.

The smart thermostat currently sits in the living/dining room.

My initial thoughts were to put both new smart trvs in the living room... would this be the best bet (and if so, should I move the smart thermostat - surely there’s a Benefit to giving another room some coverage too?

Any advice welcomed.

I should probably add, I’ve bought two more dumb trvs to put on the rads before upgrading them to smart. I know I should probably have more trvs but the rad fittings seem to be older/non-standard so involves lots of fangling about to reduce/adapt.


  • Thanks. The two biggest by far are the living/dining room ones, so they’re the best candidates for the smart TRVs.

    Should I move the thermostat out of that room in that case? Perhaps into the hall where there isn’t a rad?
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