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I currently have a nest thermostat and I’m thinking about moving to tado. The prime day offer is quite good

So, I have several questions. First one is... does it make sense to keep the nest and install also the tado? Not much to me, but maybe somebody can see any benefit on doing this

Second question is... how can I replace the existing installation? Currently I have the nest link next to the boiler and in the corridor I have the thermostat. I don’t like it as this area is quite cold, so probably the wireless solution is the best one, right? I assume I will need any bridge/link connected to the boiler and then I can place the wireless thermostat wherever I want, isn’t it?

And finally, what should I buy? I have seen different starter kits. Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit V3+, Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ ... what’s the difference?



  • I have just done exactly this. Got fed up of Google narrowing integrations.

    The steps I suggest you take are as follows:

    1. Start small - I started with the radiator valves to see if I liked the system and how it operates. The starter pack comes with the bridge.

    2. Installation of TRVs is fairly straightforward once you’ve got the hang of the adapters. Then you can play with the app. And decide if you like the interface.

    3. Next step is thermostat and extension kit - the starter pack comes with another bridge so bit of wasted money but at least you know you like it!

    4. As stated above the installation of Tado over the top of a Heat Link is not well dealt with or documented by Tado. The online instructions are basically: speak to customer service - which means a bit of a wait.

    5. My Heatlink setup was for combo boiler with both heating and the standby hot water - small tank to avoid boiler lag - controlled by Heatlink.

    6.The Heatlink wiring is a bit of a nightmare; it does not follow standard UK controller backplate requirements and when using a 230v switched system requires you to bridge power to the common lines of both the central heating and hot water relays. This means looking at the wiring is a bit daunting

    7. It was for me relatively simple. The control wires for the heating (3 on heatlink) and HW (6 on heatlink) transpose to the HW on (3 on EK) and Heating on (4 on EK). You ignore the jumpers as Tado does this internally.

    8. 230v live switching on the EK also requires you to put the jumper on position 2. Very important.

    9. Once you connected the power correctly you can the pair etc and do the other bits and pieces.

    10. Be aware the EK will probably have old firmware and will also not have HW control switched on - customer service can help out here but the EK should update once paired - takes a while!

    11. You can also check configuration through the installer menus on the thermostat - which tells you if the EK and HW bits are enabled. The installer manual tells you how to do this and it’s available for download.

    That’s pretty much it. Works much more effectively than Nest and with the TRVs is infinitely more controllable.

    The installation does require a bit of perseverance!
  • WillJay, do you have any wiring diagrams for this?


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