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Im so confused as to what i need

I'm moving into my new house next week but looking to purchase Tado in the prime day deal whilst i can.

I have a 2 zone boiler/tank solution with hot water that i am looking to control with Tado.

So i'm pretty sure im safe in saying the i need the wireless starter kit which will give me the the wireless receiver for the hot water control and one thermostat. Does the wireless receiver replace the existing wired thermostat next to the boiler?

If so does that mean the thermostat is just a wirless tempreture gauge that can be placed anywhere? is it the receiver that controls the zone valvle for downstairs?

Then once i have that set up and i want to replace the thermostat in zone 2 (upstairs). Does this need to be a wired or a wireless thermostat? I'm presuming wired so that it controls the zone valve?


  • I have just posted a near identical question to this so I'm following!

    I moved into my new house last week which also has a boiler/tank and two zones.

  • I have the same query and what looks to be a similar setup with dual zone heating, water tank etc

    I was thinking I need to replace the Honeywell CM707s with extension units, one upstairs, the other down

    Install TRVs on majority of Radiators (some we simply don't turn on) and have the smart thermostat in the family room controlling heat for that area via 3 radiators

    Not sure if this is correct or not and have an Amazon basket waiting on me to click buy!

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    Tado have now confirmed that you can use two thermostats - one for each zone. But you're limited to one wireless thermostat. So one would need to be wired (which I can live with).

    I'm going to use TRVs only in the upstairs zone. The next bit to consider is making sure the TRVs are paired to the correct thermostat (e.g. I will need mine to be paired to the upstairs thermostat). It would be daft the downstairs valve opening when an upstairs radiator is calling for heat! Tado have confirmed that this is possible too. So much to consider though!

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