Replacing Two Wireless Thermostats

Hi All.

I'm interested in investing in Tado.

My house currently has two conventional wireless thermostats to control two independent zones (upstairs and downstairs).

I've been informed by Tado support that the wireless extension only supports the connection of a single Tado thermostat. But could I have one wireless and one wired Tado thermostat to replace my two existing wireless ones?

Secondly, if this is possible, I'm planning to have the wired Tado thermostat upstairs. I would also like four Tado radiator valves upstairs. Is it possible to pair the radiator valves to a specific thermostat? - it would need to be the upstairs Tado thermostat since this will be controlling the upstairs zone.

Thanks in advance



  • Hi Nick,

    I got some Tado products last week and wanted to jump in and give my current experience but also see if anyone can help as it seems like we will both have the same issue if you go ahead and get Tado.

    My house has two wired thermostats, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I also got four radiator thermostats which I wanted to split across both thermostats. My problem is that I can't pair them to a particular thermostat and it seems that by default they are all paired to the one I set up first. I imagine you will have the same problem even if you get one wireless and one wired thermostat.

    I will be contacting Tado support to see if they can assist but at the moment the only solution that would work is if I keep the two smart thermostats but use all the radiator thermostats in one zone which isn't ideal given I've invested in four radiator thermostats specifically to control particular rooms across both zones. If you have taken the plunge and have any advice I'd love to hear your solution and I'll let you know how I get on.

    Just to say, the installation, app and everything else was incredibly smooth and I do enjoy having the products - I just need to make sure the software/capabilities are compatible with the level of control I desire.


  • Me again! Looks like one user was able to get Tado to help link TRVs to different thermostats - if so I think this should resolve the issue.

  • Hi Sags.

    I ended up taking the plunge during 'Amazon Prime Day' - it is all yet to be installed though.

    I purchased exactly the same as you: two thermostats and four radiator thermostats. As in my original post, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to pair my radiator stats to a specific thermostat and end up with the madness of hot water being pumped downstairs when turning on a radiator valve upstairs! But as you have discovered, it seems that it certainly looks possible... which gives me hope.

    Your scenario is slightly more complex than mine because I only plan to have radiator stats upstairs and just treat downstairs as a single entity - I figured for my situation, I would be quite happy to heat the whole of the downstairs. My logic being that, despite spending the majority of the time in the lounge, I will still be wandering through to the kitchen etc. Whereas upstairs, I might go months without venturing into my spare rooms and so is no point at all in heating those!

    But having said that, I may in the future decide to add-on radiator stats downstairs so I will be interested to hear how you get on. Please keep me informed on your progress! Hoping to get mine installed over the next couple of weeks - I'm being a wimp and getting an electrician in to do mine!