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I have a new build townhouse over 3 floors with a really poor central heating design. The house is split into 2 heating zones - downstairs I have the thermostat in the hallway and the thermostat is placed outside the kitchen on the otherside of the wall from the oven. This means the downstairs hall heats up very quickly and the large livingroom doesn't get up to temp. The solution is either to have the livingroom door open (which allows noise through the house in the evening when the kids are in bed, and isn't particularly effective) or ramp up the heating in the hallway which is inefficient and all the heat rises to the top of the house and is trapped by the 3 feet of insulation in the loft making the master bedroom on the top floor unbearably hot.

The second zone controls the top two floors and the thermostat is in the bedroom at the front of the house. Firstly, I don't know anyone who wants to go to bed in a 20 degree+ room, but secondly as this room also has an en suite, the thermostat is on the wall behind a towel radiator. This room heats up too quickly and then the kids bedrooms at the back of house don't get fully up to temperature, or drop quite cold at night. The only way to combat this is to have the heating on at night in the guest bedroom either heating an empty room or boiling the occupant overnight.

The top floor master bedroom gets all the heat from the rest of the house, and is perpetually too warm, summer or winter but that can only be solved by removing some insulation and opening windows.

To combat this I would like to have a thermostat in the living room, to actually control the temperature where we spend time, and then move the upstairs zone to either one of the kids bedrooms or the hallway,

Hot water is via a megaflow and we then have a third heating zone which heats only the towel radiators when the hot water is on.

I would like to see a wiring diagram before I buy but it doesn't look like this is possible, can anyone suggest on how i could configure the Tado to fit my needs? If needed I would be happy to leave the megaflow on an existing "dumb" programmer.



  • I suspect some of your problem is due to the radiators on your system not being balanced. Hence some radiators get more hot water from the pipework and heat up quicker. Try turning the lockshield valve clockwise for the hall and bedroom radiators. Obviously if you turn it all the way clockwise you will turn off the radiator. If you google “how to balance radiators” you will get more info.

    Normally with Tado you can only have one wireless wall thermostat, and to achieve this you will need to buy the extension kit too. If you want to move both of your wall stats then you will need to extend some of the wiring. However, Tado have just introduced a wireless temperature sensor which pairs with a smart radiator valve to measure temperature in the desired location. I wonder if this new sensor could be placed in your living room and then paired with the smart wall stat in the hall. A question that Tado technical support will have to answer.

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