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Confused don`t know what exactly I need

I live in a 3 bedroom 3 floors house, and I have a combi boiler installed. There is only 1 thermostat installed in ground floor, and 8 radiators all around.

I want to install radiator thermostat on all radiators for this if I buy 8 radiator valves and the smart radiator thermostat starter kit V3+ is it enough or do i need to buy smart thermostat starter kit and any extensions add on or not.

but confused really it would be great if some one can help me please.

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  • GrilledCheeseGrilledCheese ✭✭✭
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    For a typical system you will need to replace your current wall stat with a smart thermostat. This thermostat will call for heat, causing the boiler to ignite.

    If you install the smart radiator thermostats you will have individual control of each radiator. The radiator thermostats communicate with the wall stat and ask it to turn the boiler on.

    You will need one bridge which connects to your router. One of these comes in the starter kit.

    If your current wall stat is wireless then you will also need to buy the extension kit.

    Tado customer support will be able to give more accurate details if you provide them with model numbers for your current setup.

  • GrilledCheeseGrilledCheese ✭✭✭
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    You don’t have to put a smart TRV on every radiator but be aware that the rooms without the smart TRVs may get hotter than usual. There are two ways of configuring the TRVs. 1) Any TRV can independently call for heat. 2) A TRV can only call for heat when the wall stat is calling for heat. The latter may be the best option when some radiators do not have a TRV.


  • Thanks Grilled Cheese,

    I don't have a wireless one, what i got is a basic digital wall mount wired (supplied by builder).

    I did opened it and checked there are only 2 wires connected.

    And also if i am installing radiator thermostat do i need to install on all radiators or can I skip some where I really don't need to maintain temperature.


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