Is Tado compatible with the ecoTec plus 824 boiler?



  • Should be, we have an ecoTec 832 and it seems to work fine.

    The extension kit is wired into the boiler, and then we drive everything from the smart thermostat downstairs and smart radiator valves in the bedrooms (having put in a call to Tado to ensure the bedroom SRVs can call for heat independently of the main thermostat downstairs).

  • Hi Alan, I’m in the same boat - when I wired it according to their instructions the bullet never actually kicked in to start hearing

    Bruce did you have to follow any thing different with the install?
  • mindstorm

    Hi, have a look at this discussion. As long as it's wired correctly and then the option set up on the main thermostat it should run ok in eBus.