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Worcester Greenstar 30i boiler / Tado Extension Kit


I have a Tado smart thermostat and a extension kit but struggling to get it working.

I currently have a Worcester Greenstar 30i boiler connected to a Honeywell BDR91 which wirelessly links to a Honeywell EHE0200361.

I would like now to connect my extension kit directly to my boiler and use it with the smart thermostat (and get rid of the Honeywell bits).  I want to control the central heating and ideally the hot water.

The instructions on the website tell me to connect the EMS connections, this did not work, I got power to the extension kit from this connection but had no control of the heating.

Can someone advise where I connect the Tado cable between the terminals on my boiler and the extension kit terminals?


William O’Callaghan


  • @willocallaghan I am having the exact same issue. Black and grey cables put into my Orange EMS connection. Grey to + and Black to - on the Tado extension kit. I have power to the extension kit and it is synced with the hub however I can't get the heating to work. If you figure it out, please let me know likewise the other way round.


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