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Established Tado Set Up - More than radiator no coming on when set to off

Have had Tado for a few years now, works really well except did get one radiator last year mysteriously coming on even when set to off ( one of three in a single zone, rest stayed off).

Tado did remote diagnostic after I raised a ticket and I could hear the mortised pin going up and down to re calibrate under remote control...impressive. Did improve for a few months but then started again. Got used to it and left it and then we had warmer weather so heating off.

Now it getting colder again in UK, central heating on regularly and now we have 3 more radiators behaving same way.

So if any zone switched to heat then these individual radiators in other zones start to heat up. The app will show them off and the actual thermostat shows off as well.

Have removed Tado Smart Radiators Thermostats, checked batteries, checked the little pin is free underneath, re calibrated and looks all good on app....but they still come on when they shouldn't. Note the central heating was 'flushed a couple of years ago and has one of those magnetic filters which gets cleaned in annual service...live in hard water area.

Anyone with any idea as to what may be going on here?

Many thanks in advance


  • Sounds to me like your pins on the valves are sticky and not going down. Take caps off and spray a little release spray and push up and down with side of pliers. Two or three ups and downs usually does it.
  • Thanks.

    I did check the pins ( not on the Tado motorised one but the base of the TRV fitting attached to pipe to radiator) and checked they moved up & down but will check again and use pliers and a little WD40 to be sure

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