Underfloor heating compatibility list

Does anyone know of a tado compatibility list?

I have an underfloor heating system that does not work with tado so I am looking into replacing the wiring units etc to something that does as the existing room stats are dumb, ugly and well just awful!

Can't seem to find any kind of compatibility list so that I know what not to buy when replacing it and its like getting blood out of a stone with tado these days - not heard anything back from them yet.

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  • TtT
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    Just in case this is useful to anyone, I thought I would share...

    I did successfully convert my existing underfloor heating system to work with tado. Mostly due to my own research and a bit of a punt! Therefore, hopefully sharing this makes it easier for anyone else.

    I had a Uponor UFH system - this does NOT work with tado (uses resistive network on the stats). This applies even to the newer ones - mine was about 10yrs old.

    I managed however to replace just the UFH wiring centre from the existing Uponor one to use a John Guest wiring centre (specifically the "JG Aura - 230V 8 Zone Wiring Centre").

    This DOES work with tado - though tado refused to specifically confirm that! Basically, this one works using a switched live 230v relay - so is fine.

    It also works with my existing Uponor values etc, so no need to replace anything else.

    Requires 2-core cable to run to each stat on the wall, that I already had in place for the old stats. I actually had 3-core plus earth for some reason, even though neither the old Uponor or tado required more than 2 wires - you can ignore the neutral connector in the wiring centre, its not needed. It is decent rated cable, that's the main thing.

    The tado stats are pre-configured to work in a switched live config, so just a case of wiring the NO and COM terminals in the tado smart stat and pairing. I did have a friendly professional heating engineer help wire up the wiring centre though - as it has to hook into to all the other components - that took a bit of time!

    I found it very frustrating that neither tado or any of the UFH suppliers would provide any clear definitive information as to compatibility - many had never even heard of or used tado - guess they possibly see tado as a competitor to their own thermostats

    For completeness then my setup is...

    I have an 8 zones water based UFH systems downstairs connected to 5 tado smart thermostats (3 are linked to grouped zones).

    Upstairs I have radiators, all on tado Smart radiator valves linked to tado wireless temp sensors (not needed - just for ease).

    I've not bothered with the tado programmer / hot water - primarily because I have a 3 channel unit that tado does not support. That said, I've disconnected the UFH channel as its pointless - tado controls the zones independently, same for the upstairs radiators really. So I might look into tado to control the hot water too - though not too much use tbh, I guess it saves manually turning it off when I go on holiday to save a a few quid!

    tado controlled UFH is soo much better than the old system I had! Shame tado doesn't seem to work with UFH suppliers to promote it.

    Hope this is useful to someone.


  • Well done @TtT

    I'm sure that this will be of assistance (at least generally if not specifically) to the many Tado customers who have UFH systems that they simply can't obtain useful information from Tado........quite a few people, I would imagine.

    Great Community spirit.......👍🙏😎