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Integrate or replace old Heatmiser UFH system

Hi all,

I just asked this in the technical section, but have sen that maybe this is the most appropriate place. Forgive me if not.

I have two circuits on my heating system. An old Heatmiser system that controls the under floor heating on the ground floor (8 zone with a UH1 valve http://www.thermsaver.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Heatmiser-UH1-Wiring-Centre.pdf) and a Honeywell CM927 wireless thermostat that controls the radiators for the top floors (with some dumb TRV's for individual room control).

Both of these connect to a honewell programmer/timer (ST9400C) next to the boiler - which has to be on 'constant' heating so that the heatmiser and honeywell can both call for heat when they want it.

I get a crappy link between the honeywell wireless stat and the receiver next to the boiler, so want to change. I have bought the wireless V3+, and a bunch of Tado TRV's which I'm told is what I need to get the top floor up and running. So my question is

1) Does anyone know the easiest way to integrate the Heatmiser UFH into the Tado system? The existing heatmiser stats are 12V so I assume I can't replace heatmiser wired with tado wired. But can I simply replace the wired Heatmiser stats with tado wireless? (But I'm not sure how would they communicate with the UH1 valve). There will be decorating issues with replacing the stats, but I think I can persuade my wife of the benefit....

2) If it's not possible to replace the Heatmiser system with Tado, does anyone know how to wire it into the wireless receiver (which I'm told replaces my existing programmer/timer).

I may have totally misunderstood what I need to do, so if that is the case and my questions are irrelevant, please let me know!

Thank you!

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