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TRV's with multiple heating circuits

Hey all, i have raised a ticket with support but while waiting for an answer I wanted to ask here for help.

I have two heating circuits in my house, essentially one for downstairs an one for upstairs.

Yesterday I installed Smart Rad Valves throughout the property - the issue I've notice is that when an upstairs TRV call for heat, the ground floor circuit is opening, rather than the upstairs circuit. Do i need to somehow associate the upstairs TRV with the upstairs Smart Thermostat, and the downstairs TRV with the downstairs Smart Thermostat?


  • I have 3 floors, 1 circuit per floor. Each valve was controlled by a Drayton RTS1 on each floor.
    On floor 1 and 2 there are a few rooms each fitted with smart radiator valves
    The RTS1 have been replaced with wired smart thermostat.
    I also have an extension kit to control the boiler (replaced an old programmer to which the 3 rts1 were connected.

    I can now control each room individually via the radiator valve (whereas before a single corridor RTS1 controlled the bedrooms temperatute!).

    As far as i can tell, the smart thermostat leave the valves always opened the radiator thermostat for the room open or close the radiator in each room.

    Why i think so? Tonight i changed the floor 1 RTS1 to wired smart thermostat before i changed the TRV on my radiators on floor 1.
    When floor 2 (tado) called for heat, my radiators on floor 1 heated up even though the room temperature of smart thermostat 1 was above the one progranmed (ie the floor 1 valve was opened)
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